Frequently Asked Questions
I can't log in to the wallet.
Make sure your email address is correct, a code is sent to whatever is typed. If you’re still not getting a code sent to you, you may have used Apple, Google, Facebook or Twitter login to create your wallet account. If you still have trouble, contact us here.
So what’s this MetaMask thing?
MetaMask is a way to store digital assets, cryptocurrencies and NFTs. If you want to buy or sell something in cryptocurrency, Metamask is one way to transfer or receive payment. Transactions on different blockchains usually cost fees called “gas”, but luckily you’re not paying gas for the NMS NFT, we got you! Yeah, we know, another thing to make an account for... but this one is important to participate in this new technology together.
How do I get MetaMask or Coinbase Wallet?
What blockchain is this NFT stored on?
This NFT is stored on the Polygon blockchain. Polygon is a popular blockchain that is compatible with Ethereum but has lower fees and environmental impact. In order to use the Polygon network in MetaMask or Coinbase Wallet, you have to add the settings to your list of networks.
Now that I exported my NFT, where is it? I can’t find it in my metamask.
Ok, so you transferred your NFT to your MetaMask, but you aren’t seeing it there. The NFT, now associated with your wallet address specifically, is best viewable in a NFT marketplace like OpenSea or LooksRare. The easiest place to manage your NFTs is the OpenSea marketplace. OpenSea is the number one secondary market to view, buy, sell, learn and experience the world of NFTs. To see your NFT on OpenSea and get the most out of your NFT experience:
  • go to,
  • Click the Wallet Icon in the top right corner
  • In the metamask extension, click next, then connect, to connect your wallet to OpenSea
  • Select “Metamask”
  • Hover over the icon to the left of the wallet icon and select settings from the dropdown
  • If you don’t see your NFT in your account profile, click the “more” tab then select “hidden” click on the “Hidden” tab in your OpenSea profile. This is where Polygon NFTs often find themselves after transfer.
  • Then click the 3 dots on the bottom left corner of the NFT
  • Click Unhide in the pop-up to select that NFT
  • Click Unhide in the bottom right corner
  • Click Sign on MetaMask pop-up
  • Your NFT, at long last, will be in its right place. Return to your profile page and your NFT will be there waiting.

For additional information watch this video:
How To Unhide NFTs On Opensea Martians Vs Rednecks NFTs

Why did I do that?
Now you know where your NFTs may be hiding and can explain to your friends the same, sounding like a true NFT guru!!!