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Watchu Want NFT

The Watchu Want NFT is the first NFT from The New Mastersounds and Color Red. The Watchu Want NFT will give fans access to the exclusive early release of Watchu Want, the first single off the upcoming album, The Deplar Effect.
Fans can claim a free NFT of the single and will get exclusive access to the band’s performance in Menorca streaming on Lively at 8p ET on 6/23. They will also be able to participate in a live Q&A with band members during the stream.
Watchu Want NFT holders will also receive first access to future NFT releases from the band in advance of The Deplar Effect’s release later this fall.
Here we go,
you're about to get an NFT!
If this is your first time, don't worry, we're going to make this easy. Follow the steps below to create a Color Red wallet, get your NFT and learn about everything that this NFT can unlock for you!
If you get confused, come back to the steps and let them be your guide.
1. Log in to the
Color Red wallet site
Click the button below to visit the Color Red wallet site where you will unlock your NFT. It will prompt you to create an account. You can use your Apple, Google, Facebook or Twitter login or enter an email address. If you use an email address, you will be emailed a code each time you have to login.
2. Unlock Your NFT
Click the “UNLOCK” button under the Watchu Want NFT on the wallet site. Note - if you see "EXPORT" or "EXPORTED" instead of "UNLOCK", then you have already unlocked the NFT.
Congrats! You now own the Watchu Want NFT. You can view your new NFT HERE in the "MY NFTS" section on the Color Red wallet site.
To redeem the band’s exlusive performance in Menorca streaming on Lively at 8p ET on 6/23, follow the steps below to
  • set up a MetaMask wallet
  • connect it to the Color Red wallet
  • export your NFT to your MetaMask wallet
  • and then connect your MetaMask wallet to Lively to access the stream.
This will allow you to enjoy your NFT with the full power of web3 and blockchain technology and set you up to redeem more future benefits and releases from NMS and other artists down the road.
These instructions will also be available within your Color Red wallet on the "UNLOCKS" page.